Cecil Duddley Mends is one of the most respected fashion designers in Ghana and Africa today. Many years ago, he has developed a unique style of his own, reflecting the ancient traditions of Africa craftsmanship in a contemporary vocabulary. Cecil Duddley Mends understanding of designs and the innovative use of traditional crafts has created a new classicism. Today his company (CDM Fashion Couture) is renowned for its distinctive use of colors, quality of fabrics and a gloriously rich Africa aesthetic. Since his company, CDM Fashion Couture was built on patronage of craftspeople, it has made a significant impact in creating employment and giving individuals, NGOs and Fashion schools of higher learning free skills in Ghana and wish to expand to other countries as well. Over the years it has patronized several organizations working in these areas and helped in developing skills and taking them to the market.

Cecil Duddley Mends who began his career some years ago, started with just an old small singer machine which belongs to his late grandmother at Winneba in the Central Region of the republic of Ghana. Today his brand (CDM Fashion Couture) has grown into manufacturing of clothing and is well embraced in Ghana, Africa and the world at large. He has pioneered the term ‘fashion’ in the Ghanaian and International context and more importantly has demonstrated that his products are of good quality, profitable and glamorous. He sources the finest fabrics and craftsmanship from across the country thereby reviving great textile skills and providing employment to hundreds of artisans.

CDM Fashion Couture as a brand has been admired and worn all over the world. Its patrons include very prominent personalities and international celebrities in Ghana and beyond, CDM Fashion Couture has also designed the wardrobes of many pageant contestants for their participation in international beauty pageants. Cecil Duddley Mends has also been the recipient of numerous awards for his contribution in the field of fashion by giving the unemployed youth skill training. He has also been bestowed with a prestigious award in many places. Most recently, he was awarded the Achievement Award at the Fashion Ambassador Awards for his exceptional and distinguished service in the field of fashion and craftsmanship.


Award Winning Fashion Designer

✄ CEO CDM Fashion Couture ✄