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Bachelor Graduation Gowns

Our most popular type of academic gown is the polyester graduation gown, which is a great option if you’re looking for affordability. Additionally, we offer custom-made gowns that are made with superfine wool or a wool poly blend fabric. Every graduation gown purchase comes with a complimentary robe accessories.

Master Graduation Gowns

Masters degree graduates typically wear a specific type of graduation gown known as a masters gown. This gown is characterized by full-length sleeves that have an opening through which you put your arms. As a result, the masters gown has a more elongated and draped appearance, which sets it apart from the bell-shaped sleeves of the bachelor graduation gown.

PhD & Doctorate Graduation Gowns

A PhD gown is worn by PhD award recipients. The most common PhD gowns are referred to as either the Oxford style PhD gown, or the Cambridge style PhD gown, however many universities prescribe other designs for PhD award graduates. PhD gowns are also worn with a PhD hood and PhD bonnet or mortar board.

Graduation Hoods & Stoles

At your graduation ceremony, the coloured hood, stole, or sash that you wear represents not only your university but also the type of award you have earned. It indicates the level of your academic achievement, whether it is a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a diploma, or a certificate. The specific color of your graduation attire typically reflects your area of study or faculty, resulting in a wide range of styles and colors across all prestigious universities.

University Chancellor Gowns

The Chancellor robe is a formal attire exclusively worn by university officials such as the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor, and Deputy Chancellor. In some cases, managing directors and other heads of an institution may also don the Chancellor robe. It’s important to note that each university has its own unique academic gown specifications when it comes to Chancellor Regalia.

Graduation Mortar Boards & Beefeater

Mortar boards, also known as trenchers, graduation hats, or graduation caps, consist of a structured crown that fits over the head, topped by a square board with a tassel hanging from the cap’s peak. On the other hand, Graduation bonnets, alternatively called Tudor bonnets or PhD hats, are typically crafted from velvet material and lined with satin, showcasing a wide brim encircling the crown’s supple body. A cord with two tassel ends in a particular hue is fastened to the rim of the crown.

Legal Robes

Every year, newly-minted lawyers are fitted in the long, black robes that distinguish the legal profession. Attending a robe-fitting has become a right of passage for lawyers and judges to mark their academic and professional accomplishments.

Priestly Robes

The Priestly robe is a formal attire exclusively worn by Religious officials such as the Bishops, Pastors, Reverends, and Popes etc…  It’s important to note that each denomination has its own unique Robe specifications when it comes to Priestly Regalia.

Choir Robes

Choir robe or choir gown is the traditional vesture of the clerics, seminarians and religious of Christian churches worn for public prayer and the administration of church ceremony.

Children/Kindergarten Gowns

Our graduation gowns for children is the perfect way to commemorate your child’s special academic achievement. We have in stock both open fronted and zip fronted styles and offer great quality at very reasonable prices.

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